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CSi - Resource Pool

Functional Consultant- Message Management

Highly-accomplished and motivated I.T. Banking Consultant with comprehensive knowledge in international
banking systems such as Midas Plus, Midas Message Manager, Olympic Web System and e-Banking Credit
Card System.

Extensive work experience with involvement in various areas i.e. Functional Analysis with expertise in
Lending and Payments; in Systems Development from high-level technical design to development and
testing; in Customer Services from production support to client management; and assisting in Professional
Services during systems deployment, software upgrades and maintenance.

With track record of effective leadership, pro-activity, resourceful problem-solving, versatility and rapportbuilding
skills, keen and apt to broaden experience and exposure to the global market.

Major Achievements;

Implemented a Midas loan extract that is fed to Kondor+ (Front-Office Treasury System) automating the booking of loans from the back-office system to the dealing system.

Translated user requirements to functional and technical specifications for the migration of collateral data from an in-house developed Collateral Management System integrated in Midas R4 to Midasplus R.1.2.1 Collateral Register and performed product testing and data reconciliation for the collateral migration tool.

Midas technical consultant for the migration of syndicated loans and facilities from Midas R4 to Loan
IQ (Front-Office Credit System).

Production support and management of the following clients and corresponding products:

  • XYZ India Bank - global hub processing with the integration of Midasplus R.1.2.1, Midas Message Manager (MMM3.5.10), Trade Innovation (Trade Finance System), Intellimatch (Account Reconciliation System), ORFPlus (Report Archiving System) and Cashier (Retail System).
  • XYZ - Chinese Bank, Midasplus R1.2.1 and Midas Message Manager (MMM3.5.8)

    XYX - Swiss Bank, Midasplus 1.2.1 and Midas Message Manager (MMM4).
  • XYZ Singapore Bank, production support on Midas Message Manager (MMM3.5.4).